Pricing – bespoke jewellery

Every beautiful bespoke jewellery item comes with a bespoke price but to give you a rough idea here are a few little notes on pricing.

  • A piece of  bespoke jewellery by Slade Fine Jewellery can range from £100 – £10,000. It all depends on three main contributing factors.
  1. What metal you choose, e.g silver, gold or platinum.
  2. What stones you choose, e.g emeralds, rubies, diamonds, or no stones at all.
  3. How complicated your design is, e.g a plain band or a band set with lots of sparkly stones.
  • An initial consultation to discuss your thoughts and ideas is FREE.
  • I will then work with you to produce a series of mood boards and designs to come up with a final design that you love. This costs £50. The design fee is then refunded to you if you go ahead with your design and have your item made.
  • The next step is to provide you with a personalised quote for your bespoke item.
  • 60% of payment is required to begin work on your item.
  • The remaining 40% is due only when your item is presented to you completed in a gorgeous little box.
  • For an additional £50 you can choose to have the sketches and mood boards bound together with a framed signed painting of your finished bespoke jewellery item.
  • This is a lovely way of documenting the bespoke process, and is a fantastic keepsake and      memento to mark your special occasion.

Slade Fine Jewellery - Necklace rendering Slade Fine Jewellery ring rendering Slade Fine Jewellery - Necklace sketch